Clients Testimonials


"George was very friendly and reliable."
Mr. Mesut, Volkswagen, 24 January 2009

"Very satisfactory service. Efficient."
Mr. Tormuzie B. Indanan, Embassy of the Philippines, 23 August 2008

"Nick and crew were great from scheduling the event until delivery. Great job"
Mr. Ryan Elson, US Embassy, 29 May 2008

"Good job, great job. Well done."
Marek Maczula, Austrian Airlines, 25 March 2008

"CIM did a great job. All the workers were very polite. They packed all our things very well."
Mr. Ralph Jodice, US Embassy, 22 May 2007

"Thank you for your excellent commitment -I wish moving companies in the U.S. were as professional and dedicated as you."
Mr. John Schurtz, US Embassy, 1 September 2007

"Very skillful, diligent and helpful team. Absolutely recommend to anybody leaving Beijing."
Mr. Gasparil, Ambassador of Slovenia, 10 June 2004

"JVK helped my girlfriend and I move apartment on May 21. We were both extremely happy with the professionalism with which the move was carried out, from the first visit for the quotation to the follow up call in the days after the move. JVK staff were fast, efficient and careful in their work, but also good-natured. They made what could have been a stressful day a surprisingly easy one. The cost of the move was extremely reasonable given how much was involved in packing (and unpacking, at the other end). I would have no hesitation in calling on JVK for future moves and will recommend them to friends and colleagues."
Kate Alden

"来自“把爱带到非洲”慈善组织的信 亲爱的刘桂红女士, 在此我代表“把爱带到非洲”对您允许我们使用您们公司卡车运输服务,和您捐助给我们纸箱表示感谢。非常感谢您对我们的帮助. 感谢您帮助我们把欢乐带到在利比里亚的孩子们的心里。 您最真诚的, Jordan Tetley 13683223931"
把爱带到非洲 贵国酒店 2F I 左家庄 朝阳区 北京,中国 邮箱地址:

"Thank you, that is out of doubt the best service I ever had in my professional life, since 1976!"
Francesco Piccione Counsellor
Italy Embassy

"Very Professional and excellent team,keep up your good work!"
Camilla Granlund,Sorek Technology Co.Ltd,26 May 2015

"Excellent and efficient service,professional and friendly crew, very satisfied!"
Philippe Daue,Godiva Food Trading Company Ltd,17 june 2015